Elevate Your Brand, Engage Your Audience, and Drive Success

Personalized All-in-One Merch Solution

PERSON.TEES offers a comprehensive all-in-one merchandise solution designed to simplify your journey. From start to finish, we provide a seamless experience, allowing you to focus on your brand while we handle the rest.
Covering Every Step of Merchandising

Our All-in-One Merch Services

With PERSON.TEES, access a wide range of services to meet all your merchandising needs. We have you covered from custom design to product sourcing, manufacturing, e-commerce integration, and fulfilment. Our goal is to take the hassle out of merchandising.
Custom Merchandise Design
Bring Your Vision to Life

Custom Merchandise Design

Our talented team of designers will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Whether you have a specific concept in mind or need assistance in creating a unique design, we will ensure that your merchandise reflects your brand identity and stands out in the market.

Sourcing and Manufacturing
Quality and Craftsmanship at Every Step

Sourcing and Manufacturing

We pride ourselves on sourcing high-quality materials and overseeing the manufacturing process carefully. Our commitment to quality ensures that your merchandise is crafted to perfection, resulting in products that exceed expectations.

E-commerce Integration
Seamless Online Shopping Experience

E-commerce Integration

Our e-commerce integration services empower you to set up a customized online store that reflects your brand. We handle platform selection, store customization, and secure payment integration for a seamless shopping experience.

On-Demand Merchandise, Hassle-Free


Simplify your merchandising process with our print-on-demand services. Create and sell merchandise as orders come in while we handle printing, packaging, and shipping.

Fulfillment and Distribution
Reliable Order Processing

Fulfillment and Distribution

Once your merchandise is ready, we handle fulfilment and distribution. Our efficient systems ensure prompt processing, secure packaging, and timely shipping, providing a seamless purchase experience.

Inventory Management
Streamline Your Operations

Inventory Management

At PERSON.TEES, we offer efficient inventory management services to streamline your operations, optimize stock levels, and ensure consistent merchandise availability.

Unleash the Power of Merchandising to Propel Your Brand Forward

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Merch

As a brand, you may wonder why you need merchandise and why partnering with us, PERSON.TEES Merch Solution, is the perfect choice. Well, the answer lies in the remarkable benefits that merchandising can bring to your brand and the unique advantages we offer as your merchandising partner.
Stand Out with Branded Merchandise

Boost Brand Visibility

Increase your brand's visibility and recognition with custom-designed merchandise. Our PERSON.TEES merch solution helps you make a lasting impression and ensures your brand remains top-of-mind.
Forge Connections with Your Audience

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Foster customer loyalty and engagement with personalized merchandise. Our PERSON.TEES merch solution creates a strong bond between your brand and customers, turning them into brand advocates.
Enhance Team Spirit and Professionalism

Unify Your Team

Unify your team with customized apparel. Our PERSON.TEES merch solution offers options for employee uniforms and company swag, promoting teamwork and professionalism.
Unlock Profit Potential and Expand Your Business

Increase Revenue

Branded merchandise offers a powerful opportunity to boost your revenue and drive business growth. By incorporating a strategic merchandising approach into your marketing mix, you can tap into new revenue streams and maximize your brand's profitability.
Build Connections and Belonging

Create Community

Build a community around your brand with personalized merchandise. Our PERSON.TEES merch solution fosters engagement and a sense of belonging.
Maximize Your Brand's Exposure

Cost-Effective Marketing

Promote your brand cost-effectively with branded merchandise. Our PERSON.TEES merch solution offers affordable options for long-term marketing impact.
Who Should Partner with PERSON.TEES Merch?

Who need Merch?

PERSON.TEES Merch Solution is the perfect partner for a wide range of individuals, organizations, and businesses looking to amplify their brand presence and engage their audience through customized merchandise. Here are some examples of who should join our merch solution:
Tailoring Solutions to Your Customization Needs

Flexible Cooperation Modes

Your trusted partner for flexible and customizable merchandise solutions. We understand that each customer has unique requirements and preferences when it comes to custom merchandise. To cater to your specific needs, we offer a range of flexible cooperation modes to exceed your expectations.
One-Off Projects with Quantity Discounts

Traditional with MOQ

Our traditional approach offers cost-effective solutions for one-off projects with discounts. Trust us to deliver exceptional merchandise that fits your budget while representing your brand.

Custom Design Collaboration
Unleashing Creativity through Collaboration

Design Collaboration

Work closely with our team to bring your vision to life. Our collaborative approach ensures customized merchandise that exceeds expectations.

Merchandise Printing & Fulfillment
Bringing Designs to Life with Precision

Merchandise Printing & Fulfillment

From production to delivery, we provide high-quality printing and efficient fulfillment services for your custom merchandise.

Retail Collaboration
Driving Sales through Partnerships

Retail Collaboration

Enhance your brand presence with exclusive lines and co-branded collaborations that captivate customers and boost sales.

E-commerce Collaboration
Amplifying Online Sale

E-commerce Collaboration

Integrate your customized merchandise seamlessly into your online store, providing a convenient shopping experience for customers.

Overall Merchandise Management
Streamlining Operations

Overall Merch Management

Simplify your operations with our comprehensive merchandise management, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Book a Meeting with Our Merch Advisor

Are you ready to take the next step in creating exceptional custom merchandise with PERSON.TEES? Our experienced merch advisors are here to help you bring your vision to life. Book a meeting with our merch advisor today to discuss your specific needs, explore collaboration options, and get expert guidance on the best solutions for your brand.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of Merch solutions does PERSON.TEES offer?

PERSON.TEES offers various customizable merchandise solutions, including apparel, accessories, promotional items, and more. We specialize in creating unique designs and providing high-quality printing and customization services.

Can I collaborate with PERSON.TEES on custom designs?

Absolutely! We believe in the power of collaboration. Our design collaboration mode allows you to work closely with our team to bring your vision to life. We value your input and ideas, ensuring the final design reflects your brand identity and resonates with your target audience.

Does PERSON.TEES offer bulk order discounts?

Yes, we offer quantity discounts for bulk orders. Whether you’re planning a significant event, corporate merchandise, or retail distribution, we can provide cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.

Can PERSON.TEES handle merchandise printing and fulfillment?

Definitely! We have state-of-the-art printing facilities and a dedicated team to ensure high-quality printing and efficient fulfilment. From production to delivery, we take care of the entire process, ensuring that your merchandise is accurately replicated and shipped carefully.

Do you offer retail collaboration opportunities?

Yes, PERSON.TEES offers retail collaboration options. We specialize in exclusive lines and co-branded collaborations that enhance your brand presence in retail stores. Collaborate with us to create unique merchandise collections that captivate customers and boost sales.

Can you help integrate my custom merchandise into my online store?

Absolutely! Our e-commerce collaboration mode allows for seamless integration of your custom merchandise into your online store. We can assist you in setting up an online store that showcases your products effectively, providing a convenient shopping experience for your customers.

How can I get started with PERSON.TEES?

Getting started with PERSON.TEES is easy! Reach out to us through our website or contact our team directly. We’ll be delighted to discuss your specific requirements, answer any further questions you may have, and guide you through the process of creating exceptional custom merchandise.