Uniting Diverse Voices for Exclusive Custom Merchandise

United Creativity: Building Community Through Collaboration

PERSON.TEES' Collab Collection celebrates diversity in creativity. We partner with various entities to craft unique custom merch, positively impacting our community. Explore our collection and discover merch that truly resonates with you.
Collaborations That Inspire
The Art of Partnership: Defining Our Collaborative Roles

Collab Synergy: Roles and Revelations

In every collaboration, PERSON.TEES expertly manages design and distribution, while our partners enrich the process with their unique creative flair. Together, we craft a collection that's as high-quality as it is distinctive, ensuring every piece resonates with our community.

PERSON.TEES' Role in Collab

Project Management

We steer the collaboration from start to finish, ensuring every detail aligns with our collective vision and timeline.

Design Excellence & Production

We co-create and refine designs, managing the production to deliver top-tier merchandise.

Marketing and Sales

We create impactful marketing campaigns and utilize broad distribution networks to promote our joint collections.

Customer Service

PERSON.TEES provides comprehensive customer support, ensuring a positive and streamlined shopping experience.

Logistics Management

PERSON.TEES takes charge of inventory and shipping, ensuring a smooth process from warehouse to customer.

Collab Partner's Contributions

Creative Input

Partners contribute their creative prowess and branding elements to differentiate the collection.

Community Engagement

Collaborators activate their circles, rallying their followers to generate enthusiasm and a sense of togetherness for the collection.

Content Collaboration

Partners join forces with us in crafting engaging content that tells the story of our collaboration, enriching the customer experience.

Quality Feedback

Insightful feedback from partners is instrumental in refining the products, ensuring they meet our shared high standards.

Business Growth Alignment

Partners use the collaboration to amplify their business reach and fortify their brand, ensuring mutual growth and market expansion.