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Experience Authentic HK-Style Seafood Burgers

Cafe Whale

Experience the perfect fusion of oceanic bounty and comfort food at Cafe Whale. Our signature Grouper Burger, made with fresh grouper sourced right from the Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market, brings the authentic flavors of Hong Kong to your plate. Co-founded by a pastry chef and a second-generation fisherman, we're committed to delivering the best of Hong Kong's local flavor with a unique twist. Visit us in Aberdeen or Sai Wan Ho to indulge in our innovative menu that perfectly blends the familiar and the exotic.
Introduction of Custom Merch Concept:


“Local Flavor”

Welcome to PERSON.TEES! We’re thrilled to present our unique collaboration with Cafe Whale: the ‘Local Flavor’ custom merch collection. This collection marries the culinary experiences of Cafe Whale with the innovative design of PERSON.TEES celebrates the unique essence of Hong Kong culture.

Cafe Whale, known for its beloved seafood burger representing Hong Kong’s ‘Local Flavor’, has partnered with PERSON.TEES, renowned for quality custom merch, to create this unique collection. Each piece reflects the commitment of the PERSON.TEES to quality and attention to detail, infused with the vibrancy and passion of Cafe Whale.

Now, you can experience Hong Kong’s ‘Local Flavor’ at Cafe Whale and express your love for these flavours through our custom merch collection at PERSON.TEES. Stay tuned for more updates on our exclusive PERSON.TEES x Cafe Whale ‘Local Flavor’ custom merch collection!

Vibrancy & Passion, Design & Cook

At PERSON.TEES, our designers have used illustration as a medium to bring Cafe Whale's renowned 'Dragon Grouper Burger' to life. With ingredients sourced daily from Aberdeen Fish Market, this design encapsulates Cafe Whale's emphasis on the origin and freshness of their ingredients. Through this design approach, our designers aim to express their love for local ingredients and flavors.

This custom merch collection not only reflects PERSON.TEES's commitment to creativity and attention to detail, but also infuses the vibrancy and passion of Cafe Whale. We look forward to providing you with a new experience and a way to express your love for Hong Kong's 'Local Flavor' through this innovative design approach in our custom merchandise.

Cafe Whale Custom Products