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Elevate your startup's brand identity with our custom merchandise solutions. PERSON.TEES offers a creative platform to transform your branding into a dynamic, wearable format.
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Custom Tees Printing: The Essential Startup Merch Solution for Your Brand

In the dynamic world of startups, your image is everything. At PERSON.TEES, we understand that each custom tees is a statement piece, a billboard for your brand, and a badge of identity for your team. Our startup merch print services are tailored to breathe life into your vision, providing a custom print solution that goes beyond the fabric. From the initial design to the final print, we ensure that every tee captures the essence of your startup’s innovative spirit. Embrace the power of personalized merch to forge a lasting impression in your industry and scale your brand to new heights.

Why Custom Merch?

Amplify Your Startup’s Presence with PERSON.TEES

Startups thrive on innovation, energy, and the power of branding. Custom crew tees and a range of other merch are the catalysts for transforming your startup’s vision into a tangible and wearable experience. Here’s how PERSON.TEES elevates your brand:

Cultivate Your Culture

  • Unite Your Team: Custom tees are a badge of honor, creating a shared identity that can strengthen team bonds and boost morale.
  • Express Your Values: Let your custom merch tell your story, showcasing what your startup stands for in every thread and color.

Expand Your Reach

  • Walking Endorsements: Turn your team and customers into brand ambassadors with stylish, eye-catching designs that they’ll love to wear and share.
  • Event Standouts: Make a lasting impression at conferences and meetups with merchandise that sets you apart from the crowd.

Strategic Marketing

  • Cost-Effective Advertising: Merch provides ongoing exposure for your brand at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing efforts.
  • Engage Your Audience: Create a connection with your community by offering branded merch that resonates with your target market.

Professional Appeal

  • Consistent Image: Uniform merch for your team can solidify your professional image, especially in the early stages of business growth.
  • Customization at Scale: Whether you’re a team of five or fifty, personalized apparel can be easily scaled to meet your growing needs.

Versatile Branding

  • All-Purpose Merchandise: From tees to totes, our customizable products are practical and versatile, fitting a variety of contexts and styles.
  • Inclusive Options: Cater to everyone with a range of sizes and designs that ensure all team members feel included and valued.

Investment in Relationships

  • Reward Loyalty: Custom merch can be used as exclusive gifts to thank loyal customers or to welcome new clients.
  • Build Community: Use custom apparel to foster a sense of community around your brand, both online and offline.

Ready to Launch Your Brand into the Spotlight?

Join Forces with PERSON.TEES and Let’s Make Your Mark Together!

PERSON.TEES is your partner in branding excellence. We’re ready to help you design and deploy the custom merch that will put your startup on the map.

Covering Every Step of Merchandising

Our All-in-One Merch Services

With PERSON.TEES, access a wide range of services to meet all your merchandising needs. We have you covered from custom design to product sourcing, manufacturing, e-commerce integration, and fulfilment. Our goal is to take the hassle out of merchandising.
Custom Merchandise Design
Bring Your Vision to Life

Custom Merchandise Design

Our talented team of designers will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Whether you have a specific concept in mind or need assistance in creating a unique design, we will ensure that your merchandise reflects your brand identity and stands out in the market.

Sourcing and Manufacturing
Quality and Craftsmanship at Every Step

Sourcing and Manufacturing

We pride ourselves on sourcing high-quality materials and overseeing the manufacturing process carefully. Our commitment to quality ensures that your merchandise is crafted to perfection, resulting in products that exceed expectations.

E-commerce Integration
Seamless Online Shopping Experience

E-commerce Integration

Our e-commerce integration services empower you to set up a customized online store that reflects your brand. We handle platform selection, store customization, and secure payment integration for a seamless shopping experience.

On-Demand Merchandise, Hassle-Free


Simplify your merchandising process with our print-on-demand services. Create and sell merchandise as orders come in while we handle printing, packaging, and shipping.

Fulfillment and Distribution
Reliable Order Processing

Fulfillment and Distribution

Once your merchandise is ready, we handle fulfilment and distribution. Our efficient systems ensure prompt processing, secure packaging, and timely shipping, providing a seamless purchase experience.

Inventory Management
Streamline Your Operations

Inventory Management

At PERSON.TEES, we offer efficient inventory management services to streamline your operations, optimize stock levels, and ensure consistent merchandise availability.

Book a Meeting with Our Merch Advisor

Are you ready to take the next step in creating exceptional custom merchandise with PERSON.TEES? Our experienced merch advisors are here to help you bring your vision to life. Book a meeting with our merch advisor today to discuss your specific needs, explore collaboration options, and get expert guidance on the best solutions for your brand.