About Danny Chui - Founder of PERSON.TEES

DTG Innovator: With over 15 years in the printing industry, Danny Chui has held significant positions in internationally renowned printer manufacturing companies like Epson, Brother, and Lexmark. 2012: At Brother, he pioneered the first Japan DTG printer in Hong Kong and China. He also collaborated with brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Uniqlo to develop applications of DTG technology in their businesses. 2017: He joined a giant in the American commercial printer industry, Lexmark, and successfully implemented managed print services solutions at leading global financial institutions like JP Morgan, RBS, and DBS. He deeply understands and has practical experience in how enterprises can solve challenges and reduce costs through customized services. 2019: He founded PERSON.TEES is dedicated to offering innovative garment printing solutions. Aims to become a comprehensive platform that assists clients ranging from individual artists to large corporations to thrive in the new digital ecosystem. 2021: He led his team to the "Greater Bay Area Youth Entrepreneurship Program" award and received funding and recognition from the Hong Kong government and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, preparing the company for future expansion into the Chinese market.

印Tee 團隊 print tee team

Print Tee for Team Spirit: How Customized T-Shirts Can Strengthen Team Cohesion

Unleash the power of team spirit with custom T-shirts that bind together the threads of unity! Explore the secret of how personalized tees can enhance team solidarity, showcase your unique brand, and promote collaboration. PERSON.TEES is dedicated to creating T-shirts that reflect your team’s spirit and style. Read now and let us co-create a new chapter for your team.

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Professional Guide to top 7 T-shirt printing methods 7種常用T恤印製方法和全方位解析

[T-Shirts Printing] A Comprehensive Analysis of the Top 7 Common T-Shirt Printing Techniques

When you are planning to design custom T-shirts for your business or event, understanding the diverse T-shirt printing techniques is crucial. This comprehensive guide will take you through the 7 most common T-shirt printing techniques available on the market. We will cover everything from traditional to digital techniques, as well as innovative printing methods that combine several techniques.

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